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The Resilient platform pulls data from publicly sourced information to evaluate how people view an organization across every function of that organization.

This data is then synthesized and extracted into Resilient Performance Indicators (RPI’s) using our patented methodology.

The RPI’s analysis is objective, measurable insight, showing the

true multi-dimensional tapestry of a business, industry, agency or region.

The analysis yields a Resilient Score which can be used as a basis to identify potential vulnerabilities which were previously missed as they were focused on a single dimension view.

The combined results of the RPI’s is then stored in the Resilient Index™.

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    Certain organizations respond better to disruptions than other, often similar, organizations.

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    The array of stakeholders who can benefit from this intelligence is truly staggering.

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    Providing decision makers with an unparalleled and objective benchmark for organizational resilience.

Resilient Score™

A Resilient Score™ (R-Score™) is a 0-4 measurement used at all levels of the Resilience Intelligence Framework to quantify resilience at that level.

R-Score™ Performance

A Resilient Score represents an organizational performance metric on how well a company, government, institution or community manages its capacity to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events, and create lasting value.

R-Score™ Readiness

A higher R-Score translates into a higher organizational readiness to defend against natural and man-made disasters, as well as the ability to recover more quickly as compared to organizations with a lower score.

Resilient Score™


limit 1 per customer
  • Content: Single aggregate score derived from 600+ RPIs
  • Coverage: Any organization in the Resilient Index™

Resilient Lab™


per person
  • Content: Awareness, education and training
  • Coverage: Access to case studies, industry research, Resilient Beta Program™

Resilient Index™


Per GB
  • Small business packages starting at $250 for 250MB.
  • Content: Industry aggregate scores with drill-down to 10 Level One RPIs and 80 Level Two RPIs; data feed in varying formats
  • Coverage: 7000 organizations (i.e., F1000, G500, middle market, government) from 2006 to present day; updated semimonthly with more organizations in 2017



Per month per company
  • Includes up to 5GB of data at no additional charge. Smaller packages available for Monitoring of Small Businesses

  • Content: Continuous Monitoring of specified Company(s)

  • Coverage: Complete coverage of all new data for each Company Monitored, to include updated scores and timeline treads.

Additional Services

Managed Services and Resilient Custom Reports are available for both the corporate and government sectors. Pricing is determined per project and is based on the type and amount of data analyzed.

Contract Vehicles

Resilient Contract Vehicles

  • 01

    GSA Schedule 70

  • 02

    SEWP V

CRA Contract Vehicles*

  • 01

    GSA – PSS

  • 02

    New Jersey GSA Specialized Training Services Contract

  • 03

    New Jersey Homeland Security Exercise Services Contract

  • 04

    VDEM Optional Use Statewide Exercise Contract

  • 05


*CRA is a subsidiary of Resilient

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