OUR MISSION: Providing a new and completely independent benchmark of organizational resilience for regulators and stakeholders

Unlike traditional approaches to governance, risk management and
compliance methodologies designed to identify and avoid specific
risk(s), Resilient Corporation uses a patent pending and
comprehensive approach to assess an organizations’ resilience
across ten operational dimensions.
  • We push the limits of technology

    Actionable intelligence on an organizations’ state of resilience from the micro to macro levels.

  • We are and offer something unique

    An independent system designed to measure and train organizations on comprehensive/end-to-end resilience-based preparedness scoring, while fostering the development of Chief Resilience Officers

  • We inform and build a better operating and preparedness reality

    Our objective framework for actionable decision-making is based on external/open source information that can be blended with internal/confidential information

  • We bring value to existing knowledge

    Provide independently derived resilience data from internal and external sources